Adware – what it is and how to stop it

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All about adware Here’s how it happens. You go online with your nice, well-behaved browser, only to see it fly into a virtual tantrum, as an onslaught of advertisements either pops up, slides in from the side, or otherwise inserts itself to interrupt and even redirect your intended activity. And no matter how much you […]

What is Spyware? – Definition

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Spyware is something of a grey area, as there’s really no copy-book definition of it. As its name suggests, however, spyware is generally loosely defined as software that’s designed to gather data from a computer or other device and forward it to a third party without the consent or knowledge of the user. This often […]

How Trojan Horses Work

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trojan horse

One of the most enduring stories of the Trojan War, the most important conflict in Greek mythology, is the tale of the Trojan horse. Trying to find a way into the city of Troy, the great warrior Odysseus ordered his men to build a massive wooden horse, one big enough for several Greek soldiers to fit […]

World Password Day

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password day

Today is world password day, how does yours stack up? As it is World Password Day, we at CSP thought we could take a look into what makes a good password and what doesn’t. Simple, easy steps which can go a long way to ensuring your online safety and keeping the hackers at bay. It […]

Chrome Privacy Alert

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chrome security risk

Privacy alert has been issued for Google Chrome. Google have warned Chrome users that there is a possibility of targeted attacks by hackers exploiting a vulnerability with their browser software.  The major vulnerability gives hackers a way to access laptops and desktops and mobile phones. The exploit allows them to completely take control of your […]