Chrome Privacy Alert

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chrome security risk

Privacy alert has been issued for Google Chrome. Google have warned Chrome users that there is a possibility of targeted attacks by hackers exploiting a vulnerability with their browser software.  The major vulnerability gives hackers a way to access laptops and desktops and mobile phones. The exploit allows them to completely take control of your […]

No More Ransom

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Free resource tools At Cyber Security Partners, we are a firm believer in not only providing the best possible services to our clients but continuing to educate and offer free resources to a wider audience.  Sites such as No More Ransom offer a host of fixes, updates and news which could help you keep one […]

Rethink Your Cyber Approach

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Think your online accounts are better protected than most people’s? You probably need a rethink. According to a new Google survey, most people are confident about their ability to protect their online accounts, yet many fail to take basic online security precautions such as regularly installing updates and using unique passwords. Of the 3,000 US residents […]

Stop Using Internet Explorer!

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stop using internet explorer

Microsoft’s own security chief has warned millions of people who continue to use Internet Explorer as a default web browser are placing themselves in “peril”. The company, which first developed Internet Explorer in 1995, is no longer supporting new development for the web browser. Continued use of the software was potentially risky, according to Chris Jackson, Microsoft’s worldwide lead for […]

Fun Cyber Security Games

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aggie life

Aggie Life Beginning in the fall of 2016, Aggie Life began as a strategic, first-year-experience initiative designed to more deeply connect first-year students with the TAMUQ campus. The small size and engineering focus of TAMUQ enables it to be at the forefront of engineering education.  Leading universities across the U.S. have long emphasized the […]