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Chrome Privacy Alert

chrome security risk
Privacy alert has been issued for Google Chrome.

Google have warned Chrome users that there is a possibility of targeted attacks by hackers exploiting a vulnerability with their browser software. 

The major vulnerability gives hackers a way to access laptops and desktops and mobile phones. The exploit allows them to completely take control of your device.

The full technical details have not yet been released and are unlikely to be released anytime in the near future, however what has been leaned is that there is an issue with the FileReader part of the Google Chrome software which can allow remote code execution. 

To explain it in simple terms, there is a hole in the software which gives hackers a way to access your device and take control, bypassing any security measures. It is not limited to mobile phones, all devices and also any operating systems as affected including Apple iOS, Windows and Linux.

To help prevent this attack, make sure your Google Chrome is on the latest version – 72.0.3626.121 on all devices. You can check your version by opening a browser, clicking the three dots top right, going to Help and About Chrome. You can view the version you are running and also apply any patches from here. 

This is another example of why it is SO important to keep all your devices and software up to date to stay one step ahead of a potential hack.

chrome security risk

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