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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials has been recognised by your customers, the government, the supply chain and suppliers as an essential accreditation to which all industries and departments must adhere to as a minimum to offer security when dealing with that body.

As such, CSP recommend that if you are a business within the private sector, a school or other public sector body you must attain at least a CE level of security.

The trend has been rising since its incarnation that blue chip companies, government and supply chain businesses are more likely to choose someone with the CE or Cyber Essentials Plus standard over a competitor without proof of dedication to cyber security. It not only shows your willingness to help protect their data but offers a badge of trust which is pre-established before any communications have taken place. 

Cyber Essentials and Schools

Cyber essentials for schools

So, why is Cyber Security so important in school?  


All school systems hold information on both the staff that work in the school and the children that are taught there. Information ranging from medical history, home addresses, phone numbers and bank details. If a virus penetrates that system then this information is at risk, and could be encrypted, stolen or sold and used by criminals.


Unsafe websites could include sites designed to abuse, exploit or bully the children that have access to them or the website itself could be infected with a virus that will infiltrate your systems once entered. It’s important to be aware of the security you have in place to avoid harmful sites and if those protective layers are reliable enough.


You can’t always be sure that the problem will start within your own hardware or software systems. If a member of staff or a student has an infected personal device and connects to the schools Wi-Fi this could leave your systems vulnerable to being infected also.


This can apply to the records of staff, students and exam information alike, it’s imperative to both protect this information and ensure that there is a reliable backup in place in the event of system failure. Should this information be compromised due to infection or lost it can have a massive impact on both the reputation of the school and the education of the students.

Cyber-essentials for business

Cyber Essentials For Business

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Why does Cyber Essential matter to businesses?  


Customer trust is key when competitors are also providing quotes and tenders. One way to build up a level confidence with your potential customer before any lines of communications have been opened is to have a trusted and recognised seal on your website, email and social media. The CE mark shows a level of dedication to not only protect your own data but shows you care about your customers data protection too.


The supply chain have often been the weak links in a companies cyber security strategy, As such, SME and large corporations as well as the public sector often look to see if their suppliers have the Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation with a view to only dealing with those that do. So much so, it is often written into the tenders which are sent out or written within their own cyber security policies.


Certification to Cyber Essentials is a great first step and one that is being recognised by the Information Commissioners Office as good practice. Cyber Essentials can mitigate penalties should an organisation suffer a breach. Cyber Essentials is evidence that you have carried out basic steps towards protecting your business and your data from internet based cyber-attacks.


The process of gaining Cyber Essentials in itself is often enough to broaden your understanding of your own cyber security requirements. If you are a business which has not yet broached the subject or even if you have some standards and policies in place, the requirements of CE can help you build a much bigger picture and help you to create a solid defence against online attacks.


CSP and Cyber Essentials

CSP are an established and trusted partnership for many business in the private sector, the public sector and schools throughout the UK. 

We have worked incredibly hard to broaden our team with those who are passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to securing the online presence of the UKs industries and protecting the data of their customers.

To learn more about how we can assist your journey to attaining Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus, simply email us and our dedicated CE adviser will be in touch.

To learn about any of our other services you can continue to browse CSP or feel free to contact us by phone or email and let us know what it is you would like to discuss. 

Unsure where to start with your cyber security? We are here to guide you trough that process too.

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