Cyber Security in Leeds

Cyber Security In Leeds

As our head office is based here, we offer unrivalled cyber security in Leeds.  CSP know the businesses in the area very well and already boast a large portfolio of clients within the city.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security should be a main concern for every business, even small home offices. But often this is not the case, too many businesses think it won’t happen to them or cannot justify the spend on prevention.

The first step to preventing an attack is to find where your weaknesses to attack are. Once this has been identified then preventive measures can be implemented to protect your business.

End Point Security

End Point Security on devices can prevent many cyber threats from accessing your computers and network. There are numerous software companies to choose from and we are happy to provide our guidance on this. As a part of the North West Cyber Security Cluster, we have access to a number of facilitators.

Anti Virus, Anti Malware, Zero Day Exploits, Advanced Firewall and Patch management, all need to be considered when choosing an application. Along with full reporting, keeping track of your computer’s vulnerabilities to provide a constant window.

Threat Prevention

Cyber Security is not just about secure passwords and putting some antivirus on your systems. The biggest way to tackle Cyber Crime training. Users are often unaware of the risks of clicking a suspect link or downloading a PDF. Taking calls seriously from supposed blue chip clients or someone who has dealings directly with the CEO who are in fact scammers.

This is where training is imperative to stop threats before they happen. We offer both onsite and offsite Cyber Security training for all kinds of businesses and business sizes.

Cyber Awareness Training

Even with all the hardware and software in place, there is still the human element to take into account. That is where our Cyber Awareness Training comes into effect. We can deliver Cyber Awareness Training to you and your staff to make you more aware of the types of schemes that are used to either access your data or infiltrate your company.