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Cyber Security Skill Shortage UK

UK cyber security skills gap

Cyber Security skills shortage, multiple contract negotiations and new regulations are combining to prevent your information security projects from being completed on time and in budget.


CSP recognise that finding expert security talent to meet ever increasing requirements is a significant challenge for organisations. As a specialist security consultancy the Cyber Security Partnership gives you access to highly experienced Security Consultants on a service basis with defined deliverables to meet your timescales and budget. CSP provide not just a person but the complete service to pragmatically address your information security issues,  removing the need for complex contractor and agency arrangements.


CSP employ highly skilled and experienced security specialists, so you don’t need contractors. We offer a number of services to provide:

  • Teams to deliver information security projects;
  • Specialist support on a call off basis; and
  • Experts to identify skill gaps and up-skill your staff


We have many years of know-how in all areas of cyber security: including audit, certification, risk management, architecture, controls testing and security management and can tailor services as required.    


Get the knowledge and level of experience our consultants have provided for years to government departments and major industrial players in your organisation: on a project; deliverable; or ad hoc basis from a trusted source.


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