Cyber Security Partnership’s Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) gives you  assurance that you are operating your business in a manner compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018.  Keep your focus on building and growing a successful business and keep data protection compliance cost effective.

DPASS cyber security

Your organisation can have access to highly experienced Data Security experts who can identify your data protection and legislative requirements. CSP will work with you to implement pragmatic and tailored solutions to meet your data handling needs.

With DPaaS you have access to skilled professionals who can provide;

– Assist in Information commissioner registration.

– Produce Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA).   

Data breach investigations

– Data breach notification assistance.   

Information handling training.

– Advice on data storage solutions such as;

o   Data stored in the cloud.

o   Data stored on service provider infrastructures.

o   Data that is stored on clients devices.

– Advice on data exchange agreements.

– Off-shore Data storage and guidance.

– Auditing.    

We appointed CSP to support and guide us through the process, advising and offering data protection expertise, to enable us to produce effective policies and procedures.
DPASS cyber security
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Upon joining for 6 months you will receive a set of policies and processes that can be implemented  within your organisation to take you along the path to protecting your data.

CSP’s DPaaS package gives you the data protection expertise when you need it so that you can concentrate on making your business the best it can be.

£150 per month and any unused time can be used on ANY CSP service.