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Cyber Security Partnership’s Security Management as a Service (SMaaS)


Cyber Security Partnership’s Security Management as a Service (SMaaS), gives you the option of appointing an experienced security manager without the complications and costs of recruiting a full time member of staff. This can be used to create a new team or enhance you existing team with additional skills.

By engaging with CSP SMaaS you will benefit from:

  • Access to experienced consultants to help you protect data and manage cyber security.
  • Access to skilled and knowledgeable staff that are trained in the latest security standards and technologies.
  • Reduced complexities of staff employment
  • No issues of staff holiday or sickness cover.

You will get access to our experienced consultants, trained in the latest technologies and security standards, that will provide you with practical and relevant advice. We will also engage and train staff to help you and enhance and improve your organisation’s security knowledge.

On either an ad-hoc or retainer basis, our skilled consultants will advise you and design controls to fit your business or provide an experienced, independent view of the security of your organisation’s cyber presence and IT services.

You will be provided with a dedicated consultant to answer your queries. However, in addition you will also benefit from the experience across our entire organisation to ensure you received good relevant advice.

We use our knowledge to ensure that the controls you implement are an appropriate and cost-effective response to the risks that you face. This pragmatic advice will provide you with the appropriate level of security that supports your strategic plans rather than restricting your business.

Areas such as assistance in choosing security products, producing data protection policies, security awareness training, security design reviews, regulatory or standard compliance and responding to customer security queries and questionnaires, can all be covered within the service.

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